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Henge joins the Fuorisalone del Mobile di Milano 2017 with its Atelier in Via della Spiga 7, to celebrate the complete customisation potential of its furniture pieces. The space, located in the heart of Milan’s Fashion District, wonderfully represents Henge’s experimental spirit: the perfect combination between a showroom and a creative lab, where customers become the protagonist of the design process. The furniture catalogue of the brand is, in fact, a starting point where the complete customisation of living spaces begins. The variety of customisable elements available allows customers to shape the atmosphere of the brand adapting it to their own design.

Written by Martin Saar

Henge illuminates the spaces with two main lighting solutions. The Tape Light, modular LED lighting fixture made of dynamic burnished brass woven bands and the new polygonal fixture, composed of suspended pentagonal and hexagonal structures. Polygonal is also available in the new H Silver Black finishing.

Under the artistic direction of Massimo Castagna, the brand conveys, indeed, its contemporary vision of craftsmanship, leading to a quality manifesto of a luxury that recoils from the impeccability of serial industrial productions and is oriented towards the uniqueness of materials and shapes.