A modern soundproof interior sets the tone for the best and brightest ideas

Perfect for your business

Work in silence

Boost creativity
with silence

Need a place to think? Our soundproof workpods are designed just for that. Cut out the exterior noise and explore your ideas.
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Video calls in
soundproof workpods

The future of work is now. It means video calls are here to stay and the soundproof booths are part of how we do business around the globe now. Maximize your everyday video calls/ Make your daily video calls in our optimized work spaces.
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Comfortable privacy
for longer meetings

Some meetings just take long. We’ve all been there. Have them in maximum comfort and privacy. Our soundproof booths with a modern touch are made for those marathon meetings.
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Our workpods are a part of your team. Everyone is welcome to use them. Be it a personal phone call, a brainstorming session or a way to gather thoughts in silence. It's that easy. No strings attached.
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How to order your pod
1 Fill out a form
Let us know about your dream workpod by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. We need the following info:
  • Pod size
  • Number of pods
  • Handle location (left or right)
  • Electrical connection (above or below)
  • Color of the acoustic material (light or dark gray).
Please include the delivery address, the number of floors, and if there's an elevator.
2 We will contact you.
After receiving the form we will get in touch to finalize the order. Then, we will make you an offer that includes the delivery and installation fee. The delivery fee depends on the site and if the parts can be brought in with an elevator or manually using stairs (they are big and heavy).
3 We will deliver the eCell
Once the workpod is ready, we will deliver it to any place and time convenient to you. The pod will be delivered in parts and installed at the location. Please note that the delivery time is 8-9 weeks.
  • Clean materials
  • Re-use
  • Ergonomics
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Social responsibility
Sustainability is the key
  • Are eCell portable meeting rooms soundproof?
    Yes they are. We use soundproof materials and proven results to block out all the excessive noise from the outside. You can hear quiet chatter whilst inside the pod as complete sound isolation isn’t our goal here. That is mainly because, considering safety requirements, it is important for the person inside to hear some sounds i.e., the fire alarm. You can be sure that the conversations held in the pod will stay 100% private.
  • How much eCell weighs?
    eCell1: 350kg
    eCell2: 490kg
    eCell4: 810kg
  • How much space do you need to install it?
    eCell pods are 220 cm in height. The space between the ceiling and the pod should be 10 cm. You can install it anywhere (next to another pod, corner of the office, etc) because the air intake vaults are on the floor and therefore fresh air is secured even when eCells are back to back. For more specific measurements have a look on our webpage.
  • Do the pods have enough air?
    Yes, the pods have enough air for longer meetings. You can even work there for the whole day. Every product has enough ventilators to secure maximum airflow. Keep in mind that the quality of the air inside the pod depends on the quality of the air in the office.
  • Can you hear the ventilation?
    You won’t even notice it. The ventilation makes less noise than the average office ventilation does.
  • Can I personalize my eCell?
    Of course! We have fabrics in various colors and a wide price range. There is no additional fee to personalize your pod. Ask for more info from your local distributor or write us an email borg@borg.ee
  • How long does installation take?
    Depends on the products but usually up to 1-4 hours. eCell phone booth takes an hour. The best part of our products is that they have wheels and you can move them around the office when need be.
  • Can I charge my phone there?
    Yes, all pods are equipped with electric sockets, including USB.
  • Where does eCell get its power?
    You need a standard socket for that. All else is already taken care of by our team.
  • Can you adapt the lightning and ventilation?
    No, unfortunately not.
  • Can I install a screen or a TV on the wall?
    Yes, there are canals installed for the wires in the wall panels.
  • Can you install water sprinkles in the pod?
    eCell pods are classified as portable furniture on wheels, not a ready-made room (a building construction) and therefore there are no requirements for the sprinklers. But, if the sprinklers are mandatory at your site, we can offer pods with the readiness for the sprinklers. We do not provide and install sprinklers, nor take responsibility for installing sprinklers, but instructions for sprinkler installation are available upon request.
  • How is safety guaranteed when an earthquake hits?
    All eCell pods can be ordered with fastening equipment that lessens the impact of an earthquake.
  • How long is the delivery time?
    It takes four weeks for us to manufacture the pod. Please ask for more specific delivery estimates from your local reseller or send us an email borg@borg.ee.
  • Our environmental commitment
    Climate change and the decreasing biological diversity pushes us to give more into creating a more sustainable world.
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