Soundproof cabins let your imagination fly.

eCell Light
eCell Light is a soundproof call box with a minimalist design, which leaves the entire office to you.
eCell+ is a spacious and soundproof booth for keeping focus and generating new ideas.
eCell 2
eCell2 is a soundproof meeting and work booth for two. Because two heads are still two heads.
eCell 4
eCell4 is a soundproof collaboration box for up to four people. Team calls, meetings and brainstorming reach a new level and efficiency.
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Made for your team to work more efficiently

Work in silence

Silence favors productivity and creativity.

Need a quiet place for talks and brainstorming in the hustle and bustle of the office? eCell's soundproof cabins help to suppress office noise and keep the focus.

Efficient meetings and talks.

Get the most out of meetings in terms of both clarity and efficiency! In eCell, calls and meetings are significantly more focused thanks to the noise-free environment.

Being present at marathon-meetings

Sometimes meetings just lag! Fortunately, marathon meetings are also significantly often more effective in noise-free environments. The focus remains on solving the problem.

Simple. Convenient. Working.

Just close the door, enjoy the silence and feel your productivity increase.
How to get the Borg eCell cabin to your office?
1 Fill out the order form.
Let us know what kind of eCell workstations you want for your office through an information email and order form. If possible, add the following information about the desired box:
  • cabin size
  • number of cabins you wish
  • location of the door handle (left/right);
  • location of plugs and electrical connections (above/below);
  • color (light or dark grey)
We will be grateful if you specify the location floor of the office and the presence of an elevator to plan the order's logistics more smoothly.
2 We will contact you.
After receiving the form, we will contact you within one working day. We will specify the details and make a personal offer based on your needs. The additional delivery fee depends on the location of the office, both geographically and within the building by floor.
3 We deliver ready-made eCell cabins to your office!
We ensure that the finished cabin(s) arrive and are installed correctly because the silent meetings are significantly more productive. The delivery from ordering is about 8-9 weeks. And more enjoyable.
  • Clean materials
  • Re-use
  • Ergonomics
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Social responsibility
Sustainability - the central value of eCell
  • Are eCell cabins soundproof?
    Yes, we use soundproof materials for making eCell cabins soundproof. At the same time, absolute sound insulation is not our goal - for security purposes, a soft external rumble is heard from outside so that the person working in the cabin can listen to necessary signals, such as a fire alarm. However, your private conversations remain safely between the 4 walls of the booth, and the cabin generally softens the echo of the entire office.
  • How heavy is the eCell cabin?
    eCell1: 350kg
    eCell2: 490kg
    eCell4: 810kg
  • How much space is required to install the eCell?
    All eCell cabins are 220 cm high; in addition, it should be taken into account that there should be 10 cm between the ceiling and the cabin. eCell cabins can be installed almost everywhere because the ventilation holes are on the floor. This way, fresh air is guaranteed in the cabin even when the eCells are located in the so-called wall to wall. You can find the details and dimensions of the cabins under the cabin description - you can also download the information there.
  • Is there enough air in the eCell cabins?
    Yes, eCell cabins have enough ventilation to hold lengthy meetings or work on a computer all day. It is important to remember that the booth's air quality depends on the office's air quality.
  • Can you hear the fans when you are in the cabin?
    You don't even notice the fans when you're in the cabin. The ventilation makes less noise than normal office ventilation.
  • Can eCell cabins be personalized or branded according to the company?
    Yes, of course! We have fabrics in different price ranges, and all shades are available at no extra charge. Ask for more information from your nearest dealer or email us at - we will find the best solution for you.
  • How long does it take to install eCell booths?
    Depending on the booth model, installation takes 1-4 hours. All booths have wheels and can be moved around the office without much effort if needed and desired.
  • Can the phone be charged at the eCell cabin? What about the computer?
    Yes, all eCell cabins are equipped with both sockets and USB sockets.
  • Where does the electricity supply come from?
    eCell cabins require a standard socket near the booth for electrical connection. Our production and installation department has already taken care of the rest.
  • Can the cabin lighting and ventilation be adjusted?
    Unfortunately, the lighting and ventilation are strictly standardized to observe all safety requirements.
  • Is it possible to install a TV screen on the cabin wall?
    Yes, we have added all the necessary channels for the screen wires in the wall elements.
  • Can fire sprinklers be installed in the eCell cabin?
    Because eCell cabins are treated as portable furniture on wheels rather than a ready-made space (building structure), the products do not require fire sprinklers. Although, if sprinklers are needed, we also offer sprinkler-ready cabins. However, we do not provide sprinklers ourselves - they must be installed by a professional.
  • How is security ensured in the cabin in the event of an earthquake?
    All eCell cabins can be ordered with mounts that reduce earthquake risks.
  • How long is the delivery time for eCell cabin?
    In our production, it takes about 4 weeks to make the ordered eCells. Ask your nearest dealer for more precise delivery times or write to us at
  • eCell cabins' promises to the environment
    We care about the environment - both in your work environment, the rapid change of the planet, and the decrease in diversity. We are motivated to contribute to a more sustainable world.
Do you want to increase the productivity of work in the office?
Ask for an offer, and we will contact you.