Designer     Martin Saar

eCell is a noise-reducing booth for your office. It looks cool and you can talk on the phone or gather your thoughts in silence. eCell gives you enough privacy while keeping a visual contact with the surroundings. Two-person version is superb for 1-on-1 conversations. Fits perfectly in open offices where large crowds and noise can be an issue.


We care for the environment and are aware of the serious environmental
threats our world is facing.

Our work is based on an understanding of the materials and products that we work with in order to develop sustainable solutions.

We strive to create a responsible and value-creating balance between
the needs of our customers and people we aff ect, concern for our environment, and a healthy economy.

Pure materials, reuse, ergonomics, climate change and social responsibility are keywords when we think of creating a more sustainable future.

We are working hard toward having most of our materials being fully recyclable, making products without creating any unnecessary waste and working with materials that ensure our products a long life.


Our commitment to a sustainable tomorrow is confi rmed through the certifications and labels on materials we use, it also includes regulations for formaldehyde use.

  • Fabrics used in our products have OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label and are EU Ecolabel certified

  • Plywood and other composite materials used are CARB 2 compliant and have emission class M1

  • Foams used in our products certified by and conform to the CertiPUR standard

  • Acoustics foams have OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label

  • WOOD GLUE: M1 Emission Classification certification

  • All wood FSC / PEFC certified

  • FLOOR FINISHES certified by GUT or The Blue Angel



Yes, they do not let noise in and keep your conversations from reaching others. We are using soundproof materials and best solutions to provide perfect acoustic conditions for the people inside eCell pods as well as those working outside You can hear only muffled  sounds from the outside, while anyone outside of the pod is not able to hear conversations being held inside of the eCell pod. We also need to consider safety, that is why the pods are not 100% soundproof – anyone working in an eCell  product can hear the sound of an alarm, for instance.

eCell1: 350kg

eCell2: 490kg

eCell4: 810kg

eCell pods are 220cm high. All products should have a ceiling clearance of 10 cm. The air inlet holes are located under floor module, enabling regular ventilation wherever the eCell is located. You can install the product next to each other, into the corner or next to a wall.

The detailed measurements pods can be found on first page. You can also download product cards from the Products section.

There is plenty of air for working or having conversations for hours. Each product is manufactured with the right number of fans for maximum comfort. And remember air quality inside the pod is a product of the air quality in the surrounding environment.

It is hardly noticeable and less noisy than office ventilation.

Of course, We have fabrics in different price classes available, no upcharge for any colour. Ask your closest dealer or send us an e-mail borg@borg.ee for more information.

With skilled assembly team it takes 1-4 hours to assemble a pod, depending on the size. eCell phonebooth takes one hour to assemble. The best part is that it all eCells are on castors and are easy to move around in the office.

Yes, all eCell pods come with electricity sockets for charging different devices, including USB devices.

Every eCell can just be plugged into a standard wall socket.

No, neither ventilation nor lighting can be adjusted in the eCell pods.

Yes, the solid element comes with the necessary conduit for wire access.

eCell pods are considered as movable furniture on wheels, not ready built rooms (building constructions) that need to follow sprinkler requirements. Although when sprinklers are required by local authorities all eCells can be ordered with a sprinkler grommet.

We do not provide and install sprinklers, nor take responsibility for installing sprinklers, but instructions for sprinkler installation are available on upon request.

eCell booths can be ordered with for Seismic fixing kit reducing the risks associated with earthquakes. The installation manual is available on request.

Out of all the technical standards that fabrics have to meet, we’d always argue that flammability performance is the most important due to its crucial safety implications in the event of a fire. Standards we cover include the French tests NF D 60-013 AM18 and NF P 92 507 M1, and several vertical tests such as variants of BS 476 and the new Single Burning Item BS EN 13501. We always advise you to consult the technical specification area of our swatch card or our website to establish the standards a fabric being specified currently meets.

The fire safety of other used materials is tested and classified by both national and international standards.  Carpets used in interior meet B1-s1 fire class standards EN 14041: 2004/ac:2006, wall panels meet EN 14041 standards for fire class B-s1. Sound-control laminated glass is of such quality that they may halt heat and fire.

It takes about four weeks for our production to manufacture an eCell. Please contact your local dealer for lead times.

The challenging context of serious environmental threats like climate change and loss of biodiversity  motivates us to do our part in creating more sustainable world.

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